What is displacement ventilation and how does it work?

Displacement ventilation is the ventilation technique which enables excellent air quality to be achieved for man who is the focus of attention. In factory bays, printing works, restaurants, offices or at other workplaces a natural and economically advanced alternative is now available to handle this challenging task.

The displacement ventilation system has notable strengths in areas where there is a concentration of people. The incoming air is directed into the room close to floor level. This incoming air forms a fresh air pool on the floor. Thanks to the natural thermal effect, dust, smoke, germs and many other bacteria automatically rise from the area in which people are present to the ceiling. The displacement ventilation system takes full advantage of this natural law of physics.

What remains is an environment of low pollution, clean and fresh air in which people can stay and work. The outgoing air no longer reaches spaces where people are present as is the case with conventional systems working on the induction principle (admixture of air).

Because of the system-related efficiency, lower air volumes can be circulated. The effectiveness of the ventilation is at least twice that of mixed ventilation. The smaller air quantities bring lower operating costs and investments. This energy-saving measure makes an active contribution to preservation of the environment.

We are convinced that many of the existing ventilation problems in complex facilities can be resolved by using the displacement ventilation system which enables unprecedented room air qualities to be achieved.

A number of projects have already been completed or are in progress in the hospitality industry, restaurant kitchens, major bakeries, halls etc. Our engineers and planners will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to ventilation and air extraction in your properties.