Fire simulation as evidence of fire safety in the context of fire prevention concepts

Most facilities, especially in industry and commerce, are dimensioned, planned and implemented in compliance with the currently valid fire prevention standards and guidelines. In future, the fire prevention specifications applicable in Switzerland, especially those relating to smoke and heat extraction, will be harmonised with the European norms and made much more stringent. The resulting structural costs (such as smoke extraction apertures, natural or mechanical smoke heat extraction, sprinkler systems etc.) will be significantly higher in future.

Instead of this approach, fire prevention engineering techniques can now be used to provide evidence of fire safety. The use of fire simulation programs is one of the most important tools available for this purpose. The use of such tools will make it possible in future to outline clearly defined protection goals which will then be verified by simulation calculations.

By using engineering methods for fire prevention, we enable building clients to optimise their investment costs. Fire prevention focused on specific objectives improves the financial and structural situation of the building project and also enhances protection of persons and valuable assets; that is a decisive consideration for risk assessment for building insurance purposes.