Industrial Facilities

Mali Area - Berne

Conversion - refurbishment building technology

Hytech Balluff AG

New building competence center in microeletrics

Concept and planning of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and compressed air

Multimediahaus Dammweg - Berne

Conversion and refurbishment heating, ventilation and sanitary

Water power station — Hagneck

New building heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Sputnik Engineering AG — Biel

New building heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary, sprinkler

G&G Carrosserie-Spritzwerk — Niederwangen

extension an conversion of heating
ventilation, and sanitary

Semadeni AG - Ostermundigen

Semadeni AG — Ostermundigen

Heat generation restructuring concept

DT Swiss - Biel

Headquarters / New production buildings / Refurbishment

Druckzentrum BZ - Bern

BZ – Bern Print Centre

New print centre built in Espace Bern-Ostermundigen

Papierfabrik - Utzenstorf

Paper mill — Utzenstorf

Various technical air problem solutions

Karton Deisswil AG - Deisswil

Deisswil AG – Deisswil cardboard

Solution of ventilation technology problems

Hoffmann Neopac AG - Thun-Gwatt

Hoffmann Neopac AG — Thun-Gwatt

Packaging Solutions
Air conditioning solution for "baking ovens" with displacement ventilation

Hoffmann Neopac AG - Oberdiessbach

Hoffmann Neopac AG — Oberdiessbach

Packaging Solutions
Renovation of the production room air conditioning since 1995 / New buildings

Gurit AG - Worblaufen

Gurit AG — Worblaufen

Production space problem solution with displacement ventilation

HACO-Narida Nahrungsmittel - Lanzenhäusern

HACO-Narida Foods — Lanzenhäusern 

Conversion work, refurbishment, new buildings 1999-2003

HACO Nahrungsmittel - Gümligen

HACO Foods — Gümligen

Conversions, new buildings, refurbishments roof water/waste water/sewage; overall media planning